Our business district is always listening for fresh voices and looking for ways to better serve our community!  We hope that you’ll consider JOINING the Business District Association, or CONNECTING with us at a meeting or simply dropping us a line. If you have a concerns or questions about what is going on in our district please let us know—we can be your resource for Exploring North Pearl.

The Ruston Pt. Defiance Business District

North Pearl Wine Walk 2024

Saturday, October 19, 2024

New wines and the same great location. Learn more and buy your tickets today!


The Ruston-Pt Defiance Business District is the gateway to one of the nation’s largest municipal parks. At the entrance to Pt Defiance Park, this neighborhood district has the distinction of being Tacoma’s northernmost business district—it is also the only one located in the City of Tacoma and in the Town of Ruston. Situated along both sides of North Pearl Street, you’d never know it straddles the boundary between the two municipalities—you will feel right at home on either side of the street!

Save the Date for our Wine Walk! Saturday, October 19, 2024